The Gnoll Pack

Six anthropomorphic hyena busts on a decorative tan background. From left to right, top to bottom: a bashful aardwolf in a toothed necklace grinning and rubbing the back of their head; a striped hyena in a pince-nez reading from a red book; an excited spotted hyena with silver hoop and stud earrings selecting something offscreen; an arrogant spotted hyena with gold hoop and stud earrings and a tooth gauge earring telling someone off offscreen; an intrigued brown hyena grinning slyly at the viewer; an apologetic-looking african bush dog poking the tips of their fingers together while looking up in askance at someone offscreen
Gnoll/hyena character themed stock art pack published on DriveThruRPG and Available under commercial license, both individually and bundled together, in both color and greyscale variations. February 2023. listing: [link]
DriveThruRPG listing: [link]

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