a humanoid creature with a human torso, a bear skull with antlers for a head, and goat legs. long, brown hair drapes over the skull and shoulders, and blue gleams in the skull's eye sockets suggest it is peering out at the viewer. its forearms are covered in thick bear fur, and the fingers of its hands (which appear to be shaped out of polished agate) are each tipped in long, curved claws, like that of a bear. The forearms and upper torso are riddled with agate, polished on the surface to match the body's fat and musculature, but chipped and pocked in places to reveal unpolished agate in the cracks and holes. conifer branches curl around the waist and chest, and a dark brown loincloth with pale green and obsidian beads hangs between its legs.
The oread: demigoddess of mountain forests, an ancient, primal force currently deciding how she thinks you’ll taste. October 2022

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