House Crests of Ismaire Nobility

Four house heraldries. Top left: a white field with a red v-shaped sash; a black wolf head under five red roses is the charge. The house motto is written below as "Endure and Overcome." Top right: a green field with a yellow upside-down v-shaped sash. The charge is white antlers, with three yellow poppies above them and white ivy below. The house motto is written in Elvish. Bottom left: blue field with a black horizontal sash. The charge is a silver hawk holding an arrow in each claw. The motto reads "Deeds not words." Bottom right: A white field with a diagonal red sash. The charge is a gold sun with crescent moons on either side, and the shield is topped with the sun in gold as a helm. The motto reads "Gold in Peace, Steel in War."
Commissioned by Cade Scott: Custom designs for the four high noble houses of a particular country in a homebrew Dungeons & Dragons/Pathfinder setting. The elven motto in the top right can be transliterated as Sar pellinta nae Tel’ Ar, and translates to “We look towards the sun.” June 2020.

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