Galaxy Equipment

Six items on a pastel purple background. From left to right, top to bottom: A star-themed round shield studded with white gems and the field decorated with purple, blue, and teal nebulas across a starry expanse; a set of goggles with multiple lenses reflecting a starry sky with pink and teal nebulas; a black scimitar with glowing, constellation-esque orbs for the hilt, another glowing orb floating from the pommel, and the blade showing grey and blue nebulas; a gold trident with multicolored gems studded into the base of the fork, the pole fades into starry night towards the base; a silver chain bracelet with  ten multicolored, glowing beads, each holding the symbol for a different celestial body in our solar system; a vibrant purple cloak, with the hood and hem both fading into nebulas of various purple hues in a starry sky.
Space-themed equipment stock art pack published on DriveThruRPG and Available under commercial license, both individually and bundled together, in both color and greyscale variations. January 2023. listing: [link]
DriveThruRPG listing: [link]

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